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Thread: sms through webpage

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    Feb 2004
    i hve found a site from where u can sms to any mobile for FREE.....!!

    I am also intrested to know if i like to develop this site in JSP,Servlets....then where can i find few tutorials or a good help to move ahead in developement of free sms site...??
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    abhay Guest
    the site seems to be down at the moment, but what is it about anyways?
    free sms through out India or through out globe?
    if it is just in India then it is worthless to visit any site. you can do it from your own PC without any special software or paying anyone.
    here you go

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    Feb 2004
    abhay that site even if provides sms throughout India is very much worth subscribing i'll tell you y u posted does not hve server name of idea cellular for delhi this is just 1 example....thr r n number of places where u cant sms through mail....but at u can do to any dam cellular....even to trump .
    I am not marketing for i like it so sharing with all.....!!
    Enjoy free sms...!!

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    prashantrana Guest
    i send sms through icq.

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    abhay Guest
    sorry man but compiling this info is not easy. still i m trying to include more servers daily.
    very soon you will see AirTel Karnataka in there. i just need to clarify from a friend of mine who is on holidays right now.
    btw most of these sites paid or not use the same technique i.e. sending mails to the cell number. have you tried <cellnumber>
    to send mails on trump, why don't you contact mtnl? they must be knowing their server name. though their tech support people are real imbeciles but you never know
    hey, btw if you are succesful in sending the mail to Idea Delhi phone, then please do tell me.
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    Feb 2004
    Abhay i told earlier u can sms anywhere in India from to any cellular for y u need to get info abt trumps server when u can sms through hve tried million times...but its stopped working since last 8 months....
    So go on enjoy smsing...from

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    Venkat Guest
    Oh Yes Happytexting is really gr8.
    I used it for few days when I had to pay Re.1 for SMS.Now that it has become free I have left happytexting.

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    Feb 2004
    sven....u r saying u left happytexting cause its free.....and u were happy using when it was charged...??

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    Venkat Guest
    Oops.What was I posting there?
    What I meant was that it was my GSM Service Provider charged me Re.1 until 1 and 1/2 months ago.At that time I was using this happytexting.
    lol@myself.What I had already posted was absolutely foolish.
    I didn't edit that one coz it wud make ur reply look foolish,retesh.

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    Jan 2004
    It doest lad for me


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    Venkat Guest
    Oh yes,Ice.It won't load for most of the time.But when it is up it wud work for U really gr8.

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    michelcaro Guest
    HappyTexting is down.

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    Mar 2004
    hmm well another site providing free sms service only for india and no need to register...

    but gives out add with the sms.. but not a big problem..

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    Mar 2004
    hey fellas
    well there r lots of sites from where u can send free sms's.............. is 1 but it ain't working and my pals used it for sometime to send std sms's..........
    even rediff has tht option but only within india and the US

    if u fellas get any good site do let all the blokes at TA know abt it

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    Oct 2007
    Have any of you guys ever heard of ? It seems to send free SMS messages in the UK, but does anyone have any experience with them?

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