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Thread: Increase Hotmail size to 250 MB

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    Dec 2004

    sad Dint work for me though...

    Hey blue ...... that 250 MB thing apparently dint work for me ...

    Things were fine tillthe Profile change part but as soon as i copied the link provided in the same browser window ... it said page can not be displayed.

    Well i thought may the page is no more available and hotmail probably figured out what was the flaw.

    I tried changing the profile to UK too...and then signing in again but still no luck,,,,

    I think i need extra bit of instructions to get this done...

    Hoping fora reply


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    prashantrana Guest
    25mb better than the 2 mb i had. waiting 4 250mb the uk trick did not work 4 me. i did it 4 my others friend and now we all r happy. thanks guys / gals

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    if i tell u my problem .once i was having small mass storag box against sending messages .really i was unable to recive messages sent by fiends for me for the cause of full imbox storege limited immediately.but now when i received ur message showing ur helpfull on how to increase the size of my box storage . i was relly very glad to have that..!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelittlespammer
    Some IDS now didnt go to 250 i dont know why its been over a month

    same problem wid me

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