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Thread: all pics on OneDrive disappeared

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    all pics on OneDrive disappeared

    I was using OneDrive storage from long time and yesterday when i went on it, then I noticed that almost all of my pictures had disappeared and the files are empty. After searching for a fix I found that many people have experienced this issue and still there is no solution for this problem. I am glad that a copy of all this pics are stored in my old pc which has been resting in peace for quite sometime and now I will have to wake it up. But in any case shouldnt there be a solution that microsoft needs to address for this problem?

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    Re: all pics on OneDrive disappeared

    Unless you delete the pics manually, OneDrive will never delete those files. It might also be possible that you could have moved those files to a different location when OneDrive client was still syncing. Most of the common reason might be that the account must be inactive for quite some time. You should know that the accounts become inactive if you have not signed in within 365 days or so. Also if you have uploaded pics to a photo album in OneDrive using Windows Live Mail then it has 90 days expiration only.

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