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Thread: Embedding Facebook Videos on my blogspot

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    Embedding Facebook Videos on my blogspot

    In YouTube we get a ready to use code that help us to embeds videos on our site directly. This is an amazing feature that is yet not used by many others. Especially by one of the most popular social networking website, Facebook. To share its video I have to copy the url and then paste that in the content. A person has to click on it and it opens up in a new browser window. This is weird. Facebook must allow users to embeds videos on any site easily through a simple code. This must also let us to embeds a entire video album or playlist.

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    Re: Embedding Facebook Videos on my blogspot

    The feature is not yet provided. But Facebook looks like working on the same. Soon it is going to provide you option through which you can embeds a code directly on a web page. It will be provided directly on the website when you add a video.This would be helpful. This is like an competition to YouTube. Yet Facebook has not worked on the video part. They are mostly busy with text and images. If they can create a effective video sharing site, then I am quiet sure YouTube is going to face a huge impact.

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    Re: Embedding Facebook Videos on my blogspot

    I agree with that. Facebook is a bit slow in this. I had not seen any major plans by Facebook to create a very effective video sharing website. If they do this then it will be amazing. We can instantly share a lot of links without YouTube. For images Facebook is quiet nice. And it is not using any third party support here. They have their own image management stuff. For videos yet the default player is not so good. It is slow and time consuming. Facebook must modify their video sharing by making it lot more better for upload and sharing both.

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