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Thread: Missing latest emails from Yahoo inbox

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    Missing latest emails from Yahoo inbox

    Emails from last three days are missing in my Yahoo inbox. I logged first time in the morning to check that. I saw there were more than 15 emails. I was not having time to check so I logged out. After lunch when I logged in back again, I found there were no emails. I can see only three days old mails which I had already checked. I want to know what is this problem. I had tried looking around in Yahoo but I cannot find any mails there. Does anyone else face this issue or there can be some other problem. How can I get my mails back again.

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    Re: Missing latest emails from Yahoo inbox

    That this is quiet not possible. It is weird that your mails just disappeared. There can be two reasons. First if you had synced your email to a email client then your mails has been downloaded them. If anyone has done any changes then the same is applied on your yahoo inbox. This mostly happen for imap settings. Second you might have left your login on a system. And someone has messed up. Go in Trash. It is on the left side. Just check if you can see your emails. Select them and restore it back to the inbox. If the mails are not available there then it is gone forever I think.

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    Re: Missing latest emails from Yahoo inbox

    Looks like some kind of server issue to me. I do not think there is nothing much to worry about that. You can try contacting the customer support of yahoo. They are slow but they will respond you after sometime. You can try re-login on some other browser. This thing does not really happens that the emails gets wiped out on its own.You might have configured it on different places. Like on a smartphone or on a tablet or anywhere else and from there you had checked the emails. Whatever changes done are applied online.

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