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Thread: Accurately translating english names to hindi

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    Accurately translating english names to hindi

    I am having some names in hindi. and I want some way to accurately transferring them to english. But I cannot find any options. I tried using Microsoft Word, but is nothing a good internal translation stuff. I also tried using some addons but it is not working. I do not want the translator to mess with the name meanings. I tried some third party translation software also, but they are just changing the entire meaning. Which I do not want. I am having around 100+ names in the word file. And I want them to translated properly into English names with appropriate match. So that I can suggest them to others. It was quiet hard to get accurate hindi translation from Sanskrit before.

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    Re: Accurately translating english names to hindi

    You have to first out different meaning of those names and then on that basis you can search for proper English translation. There is no guarantee that you will be getting a very accurate result. There are lot of meanings for a single name. There are lot of site on the web that provide you different type of translation services. And you can use them also. Keep a backup copy of your file. Create a new one and in that create tables. Try to find the translated name meaning from different site and then paste it in the Word file. Compare them properly using a dictionary. It is a time consuming process, but that is the only thing you will get accurate results.

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    Re: Accurately translating english names to hindi

    I am using Google Translate from long time. And I think that is the only accurate tool available. Google Translate has a section where you can add Hindi on the left side and English on the other. You will get a phonetic based keyboard. You can type English spellings to get accurate Hindi names in it. It is very easy to use. If you find this a bit confusing then there is one more thing you can try out. You can use the Google Translation app on Android. You can speak name on the mobile phone and it will translate that automatically into any other language and will give you the output. Just try those tools and see how it works.

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