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Thread: Firefox not starting after installing LastPass addon

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    Firefox not starting after installing LastPass addon

    I am using LastPass from almost a year. With that I am also using Xmark bookmarks manager. I had shifted to a new place. In my work pc, I am using Firefox as the default web browser. And in that I am trying to install LastPass. When I do that the browser crashes. And I get a small popup box on the screen saying Refresh Firefox or Safe Mode. When I click on Safe Mode, no addons are working. And when I click on Refresh the Firefox opens and crash back again. I am not able to find any fix for this. Does LastPass is causing this problem. How to stop it and make it work. I think LastPass is not the issue here. There is something else and also Firefox is eating too much memory whenever I turn it on for web surfing.

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    Re: Firefox not starting after installing LastPass addon

    There can be few extra addons in your browser that is causing the crash. You have to reset the browser settings which will help you in fixing the issue you are facing. For that you have to Refresh Firefox. This will also reset the settings but if this is not working then just restart your pc first. Then launch Firefox and in that you have to go in the click on Help menu. You have to look for Troubleshooting Information there and then click on Reset Firefox. Just click on this and start Firefox back again. I am quiet sure this will resolve the problem. It will remove all the extra settings and addons from the browser. You can later on re-add the addon and test. This is the fastest way to resolve Firefox problems.

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    Re: Firefox not starting after installing LastPass addon

    Sometime it happens that the browser might not work properly. And it will crash for no reason. The best thing to do is first remove the browser from your pc. Go in My Computer > Control Panel > Uninstall Program. Remove Mozilla Firefox from there. Do not save any kind of personalization settings. And then you have to download the latest one from the official website and install that in your system. Once you are done with that you have to download LastPass and install it. Try to check that you are having the latest version of everything so that you wont face any kind of crashing problem in your system. I am sure that once you are done with re-installing everything Firefox will work well.

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