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Thread: Blocking specific cookie in Firefox

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    Blocking specific cookie in Firefox

    How to block a specific cookie in Firefox. I am not able to find out any method of doing that. I visit some site who's ads are constantly on every page. And I do not want to see them. That does not look good on the page. And this are due to the cookies that are saved in the system. I want some way through which I can block a single cookie and so that those ads can get blocked. I had tried checking in the settings but I am unable to find anything in it. I have to remove all the cookies. I just want to block those but I am not able to find a appropriate solution for the same.

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    Re: Blocking specific cookie in Firefox

    Well you can use a third party plugin that can block all but I do not think you can just block a specific cookies. There is a manual option also available which you can use to wipe out the cookies stored in your system. For that go in Firefox and then click on Options. Then go in Privacy and there you can find a Cookies link. Click on that and in the search box type the name of site who's cookies you want to block. Then just delete that and refresh your page. The ads related to that will be wiped out. You wont face much issue with that. But this you have to do again and again.

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    Re: Blocking specific cookie in Firefox

    There is a plugin called as Ghostery that can provide you option to block the cookies one by one as per your need. You just have to add this plugin and when you open a page on the top right it is going to show you the trackers. There you have to turn it on, and then you can block them. This is the best and easiest way I think. And it can be a kind of permanent solution also. There are many plugins like that can help you. Another way is to open that site in private mode. So that no cookies are stored in your pc. I do this for many shopping sites.

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