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Thread: Want some help to download mp4 videos from a website

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    Want some help to download mp4 videos from a website

    I have bookmarks of some site that provide movies for mobile phone. This is a compressed format. I can see that each video on that is divided into 6 to 7 formats. To download them I have to click on that and then go in the second page. And then click on the part and then on the download button. And this is quiet slow. I want some way through which it can download everything through one click. I am trying to find some options that can do this but cannot locate anything. I want some help here to find any addon for Firefox which can help me. Is there anyone who knows how to download all those videos at once.

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    Re: Want some help to download mp4 videos from a website

    You have to use some kind of download manager for that. Then it is going to work. In Firefox you can find ample of addon which can help you to download all the links from a page into a folder. And this is not so easy to find. But there is a addon. I had seen on one from Google Chrome. The addon helps to download links directly in the browser through a simple plugin. And it is also quiet accurate to use. But it is not so functional. Because there are minimum features provided. Still you can try searching on the official plugin download page of Firefox.

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    Re: Want some help to download mp4 videos from a website

    Try using IDM. I am talking about Internet Download Manager. This is a good downloader software which will help you to download videos directly with one single click. It is not a complicated thing. All you have to do is go on the page where all the videos are listed. Copy the url and then go in Internet Download Manager and from top click on Site Grabber. Add the url there and set the filter to videos. So that IDM will skip all the other files which it is going to find on the site. And it will only download the required one. Let in run in the background.

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