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Thread: Delete all photo at once in Google Photos

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    Delete all photo at once in Google Photos

    I want to delete all the images from Google Photos. There are around 600 images which I want to remove. And here I am not able to find any option. When I login I have to manually select all the images one by one. I cannot find to select all those images at one time. I am stuck with this problem. And it will take ages to delete around 600 photos from it. I went inside all options to find the delete all button but it looks the feature is not provided. Google Photos does not even has any paid service. I am also ready to buy that. Can anyone show me a way through which I can delete all photos at once from Google Photos.

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    Re: Delete all photo at once in Google Photos

    Well this option is not provided. I had tried doing this but it will let you select only one photo at a time. And then you can delete that. Under Highlight you can select multiple photos on the basis of date. Next to date you can find select all. Click on that and choose all the pictures. And then press the delete key. The photos will be wiped out. But this does not include each and every pictures. You can try finding the way through Google Photo desktop app. There is a tiny app that turn on auto-backup. Just download and install that. And then test through it.

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    Re: Delete all photo at once in Google Photos

    No it is not possible. I had wasted a long time in finding the solution and yet this feature is not provided. Google Photos does not provide you a option through which you can delete all the photos at once from it. You have to manually select them one by one and then hit the delete key on the top side. And it will be wiped out. It is right that this process is quiet annoying. Compare to this using Picasa is lot more better. Because in it you can remove the photos as per your need. It sync the folders and you can delete files through that. The desktop application of picasa is lot more better.

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