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Thread: Google Photos upload skipping images

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    Google Photos upload skipping images

    I am having around 1000+ hd photos of a wedding. I am trying to upload them on Google Photos. First I search for Picasa but I did not found the same. Later on I found that Google Photos where I can upload and share albums. I clicked on upload and press Ctrl + A from my keyboard. And started uploading. When I check after something I found that Google Photos is skipping images in between. Like after every 10 to 15 photos there are 2/3 images not uploaded. There is just a gray box. I cancelled the upload and started again. It create two copies of the same photo. How can I manage this.

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    Re: Google Photos upload skipping images

    Which browser you are using. If you are on Internet Explorer then try using some other one like Firefox or Chrome. I am also using Google Photos. But here it is good if you can try uploading a few images first. Like upload a pack of 20 to 30 images at a time. I think you are having a lot of HD images. This are also called as RAW files that are around 3 to 5 MB in size. Even higher. If you go with a regular desktop resolution which is around 2000 pixels then Google Photos offer you unlimited storage. But if you go with RAW upload then Google will use your Google Drive 15GB storage.

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    Re: Google Photos upload skipping images

    This is a browser problem. But there is a solution for that. You can try using Google photos desktop application for uploading files. And it is really fast and effective. Just recently I uploaded 3GB of images through that. Even if your internet connection is slow it will run in the background. Just install the application through Google Photos itself. And then choose the folder where you had kept the images. And done. Let it working aside. The application is free to use. You can also use picasa desktop app and turn on image upload.

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