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Thread: how to change email tied up with OneDrive

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    how to change email tied up with OneDrive

    I have Windows 8 on my computer and there was an email address that I was using with AOL from quite some time. I also used the same email account to sign up for SkyDrive and also got 25GB free storage after the expansion. Now I am not using the AOL account and want to use my Hotmail account, since I have been using it for all my porpose. The problem is that I am not able to change the email linked with my OneDrive storage since it says the email address is already in use. Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue?

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    Re: how to change email tied up with OneDrive

    As you made 2 microsoft accounts so I dont think there is much you can do. If that email address are too old then it would be goot to revamp that address. I was also facing the same problem and so I made new address all together with There were also some problems using the hotmail email on various website as it was prohibited. Since hotmail was used for so long there were many fraudulent address and hacked accounts with same.

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    Re: how to change email tied up with OneDrive

    If you are looking to create a new account then it will give you a new OneDrive storage along with your new email account. Even if you manage to rename your account then it will just change your log in credentials and it is not going to affect your files and storage capacity. However, you acn still rename your email address if you want and still keep your OneDrive files and storage untouched.

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    Re: how to change email tied up with OneDrive

    There is a way to do that but I dont know if it works for sure or not, still you can give it a try. You will need to right click on your OneDrive icon in your system tray and then click on settings. Aftert hat click the Unlink OneDrive button. This will actually log out your old account and it will let you to login with your new email address. After setting up this new account you just have to click to keep the file locations the same on your computer, thats it, your old files will be linked to your new email address.

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