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Thread: Youtube is freezing my entire pc on HD videos

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    Youtube is freezing my entire pc on HD videos

    I do not know what really happens. When I play any video I select a full 1080p video. And I make the video to play fullscreen. But something happens and the video cause my entire pc to freeze. There is nothing I can do. I cannot even stop the video. I have to forcefully restart it and then it gets back to normal. I had tried a lot to fix this problem and it usually happen when I am trying to check what is causing the problem but still it just cause my entire pc to freeze and I am not able to do anything here. The pc just hangs and then I have to restart my pc to make this work.

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    Re: Youtube is freezing my entire pc on HD videos

    It can be due to buggy flash player. You have to re-update that and test out. You can find the download the official version from adobe forums. Just remove the older version and then try installing the new one. And then restart the browser and try back again. I am quiet sure after installing a fresh version which will surely help in fixing the problem. Most of the time a corrupt flash player is the cause of freezing. It is not recommended to re-install on the existing version. Just clear the old one and then try adding the new one that will surely help.

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    Re: Youtube is freezing my entire pc on HD videos

    It happens sometime that you are unable to use YouTube on a full screen mode. It can be a browser based problem also. Many browser have security settings that block any third party addon to work in full mode. Like when you turn on the full screen mode it will automatically ask you to allow the video to work on full screen mode or not. You just have to click on allow or deny and it will start working. If you are using Firefox then just try using it in the safe mode and test. I am quiet sure it will work well. If it is not freezing then it means there is some addon that is causing the problem.

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