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Thread: What is the role of http

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    What is the role of http

    I am trying to study web programming. There are so many basic process here which is very hard to understand. Whenever we type a url we add a http at the start with semicolon and two forward slash. And then comes the website name. I want to know the role of http. What is it an what it does. I am not able to completely understand the same. In the same way when we login to email id then same turns to https. There is a S at the end. And it says that it is a secure way of connecting to a site.

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    Re: What is the role of http

    There are different type of communication standard that are required to establish a connection between client pc and a serve. HTTP is one of them. It stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. When you add http on the front of a web address your pc is able to understand what type of data you want to pull. Then comes the website address which has a IP in the backside. This IP belongs to the server where the website pages are stored. After typing the address the server accept your request and sends the page to your pc.

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    Re: What is the role of http

    It is a web standard very old and still active. It allows you to open websites on a browser. The browser is very much similar to a software that read websites and give you data on your screen. Today's browser are more advanced. Https is a secure part. That means to access a site you need to add a user id and password. For example our email accounts. The data behind that is locked and not visible to anyone. Like search engines they cannot go beyond https.

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    Re: What is the role of http

    http which stands for hyper-text transfer protocol is the data transfer system through which all the documents stored throughout the world are accessible to you it is the common language that enables all the computers to speak to each other.

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