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Thread: Mail in Windows 8.1 is lagging while typing

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    Mail in Windows 8.1 is lagging while typing

    I am having Windows 8.1 on my system. I had just done configuring Mail on the same. But I found that the output is quiet low here. Whenever I type it takes a bit time. Like when I click on email it does not popup fast. But very slow. And when I type also then it also it goes slow. I am having a single email account in the system. But after that things are very slow. I had tried to restart the pc also but still it keeps on working slow. I want some help here to make this thing fast but it is not working.

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    Re: Mail in Windows 8.1 is lagging while typing

    You have to check the system performance in task manager where you will find which application is eating too much hardware of your system. Like the ram and processor. Launch Task Manager and then click on the performance tab. There you can see the total ram and cpu usage. If that is high then you have to go back in process and see which one is causing this. You can disable it or remove it completely.I do not really think the issue is due to Mail in Windows. It can be due to something else.

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    Re: Mail in Windows 8.1 is lagging while typing

    I also think that there is some process in the background which is eating too much ram and causing the problem. And by removing that the issue can be fixed. You just have to find that properly through Task Manager. Also try to boot your pc in safe mode and then scan it with a good antivirus. If there is any malware then it will remove the same. I am using Mail from long time and it looks to be working very well. There is no problem with that.

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