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Thread: When Microsoft is releasing Spartan web browser

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    When Microsoft is releasing Spartan web browser

    I am trying to find a bit information on the Spartan web browser. I had found this in a new that Microsoft is working on some new browser which might be a permanent replacement for Internet Explorer in the upcoming Windows 10 OS. There is no much news on the same. What will be the new features of this browser and how it is going to look. I am looking out for detailed list. It is quiet a long time that Microsoft looks to be serious about a web browsers. IE is just too basic till today also.

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    Re: When Microsoft is releasing Spartan web browser

    Spartan will be new addon for Windows 10. It is a web browser which will usually work on full-screen mode and you can do various changes in the same. But this does not mean that Internet Explorer will be removed or will be stopped. Spartan is a kind of separate addon for Windows 10. It is usually designed for tablets and smartphones. So that you can sync your web pages between different devices. It will be fluid. It can be a kind of new thing against Chrome or Firefox. It might come in the next build download.

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    Re: When Microsoft is releasing Spartan web browser

    The browser is actually designed for the portable devices. Like Lumia tablets and smartphones. And this will also be released for the desktop edition. In this browser you can instantly find various things. Like you can check your Facebook status, you can see flight status, etc. Many things will come integrated in it. There is a new digital ink support in this. That will allow you to share web pages or a part of it in the form of notes to different devices. So that you can instantly share various things with people.

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