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Thread: best hosting provider for gaming website

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    best hosting provider for gaming website

    I am going to start a new gaming website and I need some information on the hosting requirements and all. This website will consist download stuffs and will also have video walkthroughs from youtube or any other video streaming website. I was wondering to upload files on my website so that people can directly download from my gaming website, will this make the website slow? What all things are required to have the domain running fast and not getting slow down. Thanks

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    Re: best hosting provider for gaming website

    It seems to me that you will be hitting disks hard. If there are 1000 visitors downloading from the server then it might cause huge problems. The best option for you would be to check out a cloud provider that can provide you unlimited resources at their disposal so that you can scale efficiently. Or else you will require a very high end VPS for your gaming website's requirement. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: best hosting provider for gaming website

    If I were you then I would simply aim to get a Dedicated server with fast drives because there are a lot of cloud services that have problems with high IO because they are using SAN and all other things. For a startup I would suggest you to get a VPS because you will not be getting a huge amount of users at the start. Can you tell us what exactly is your monthly budget for your project?

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    Re: best hosting provider for gaming website

    Even I would suggest you to start using VPS cloud which will be best. You can try to start at a very low configuration as minimum of $20 per month. After you start getting a high load where more resources are used you can instantly upgrade to a VPS without much of a downtime, maybe 10 minutes or so. You just have to know how to manage the linux server because you will be the one to install and configure the VPS cloud that you have bought.

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