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Thread: Internet Explorer does not download any file

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    Internet Explorer does not download any file

    I am having a pc with Windows 7 Home edition. The system looks like working fine. The pc is used in a small cafe where it is only used for taking bills printout. There is a small pos software on that. When we install any antivirus, it removes the pos.exe file. So we are not using anything on it. Recently we got a new broadband connection where there is a new problem. Whenever I download any file from Internet Explorer it does nothing. Like if I download Google Chrome nothing appears. What to do to fix this thing.

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    Re: Internet Explorer does not download any file

    You have to check the browser settings where you will find more options. Like you can reduce the security level to minimum so that this download popup will start appearing whenever you download any file or application. You can find that in the internet options. Just reduce the level to lowest one and then try back. If you are still getting the issue then you have to separately download and install it and then test that. If that also fails to work then there is some problem in your system. You have to re-install windows.

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    Re: Internet Explorer does not download any file

    If there is some bug in the pc then it can be only found by simply testing out a different browser. Without that you cannot figure out where the issue is. It is good to switch to chrome or Firefox where you can get more extra benefits. Like you can get a integrated download manager in the same. I am using IDM here by default to download most of my files. Because it is fast and has as option to resume download when it is obstructed. You can get the setup in a pen drive and then run the setup.

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