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Thread: Youtube plays all video at 760p hd quality

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    Youtube plays all video at 760p hd quality

    I want to reduce the YouTube video quality. I am trying to find some option to fix this thing but whenever I start a video it just start the same at 760p. And the entire browser freezes. I am unable to do anything there. I am quiet sure there will be some way through which I can keep the same at a low 140p. And for that I had checked everything inside the settings but cannot found any option for the same. Again when I refresh the page the video quality is just hiked to 760p and does not goes down.

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    Re: Youtube plays all video at 760p hd quality

    When you start a video playback pause it and reduce the video quality to 144p. After a few time when you do the same the video quality will get automatically reduced to the same. It will not go 760p as you are getting. I had seen this. YouTube will save your preferences on its own and you don't have to change that anyhow. But if this is not working then try to login in YouTube through your gmail id and then test back. I am quiet sure that it will start working and wont be giving you any problem.

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    Re: Youtube plays all video at 760p hd quality

    It works if you are logged in YouTube. And then try to configure the settings. Once the settings is applied you wont get any issue. YouTube will save your preferences. It wont keep on increasing the YouTube quality casing streaming problem. So the best thing you can do is just limit the video quality and do that when you are logged in. It wont modify the video quality again and that will be the simplest option. But if this is not working then it means YouTube is not saving any of your preferences.

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