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Thread: Google Chrome memory leak problem

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    Google Chrome memory leak problem

    When I am using Google Chrome then there seems to be serious memory leak with the same browser. Many of my friends are also facing this similar issue. This problem starts when I am using chrome for several minutes and then it starts to become resource hog. The RAM usage jumps to maximum making my computer to hang. This problem happend after I did an update yesterday and it happens on all the website that I open whether it is youtube or flash or any other. Can anyone tell me how do I solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: Google Chrome memory leak problem

    This problems usually happen if you have kept open the Google Chrome browser for a very long time, so try to restart Google Chrome every now and then. When you close this internet browser then you are finally releasing computer memory which is held against its will. After that you can open Google Chrome again and then repeat this process without taking any more pain. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: Google Chrome memory leak problem

    Can you try to clear all your browsing history and also all the cache for more than 10 minutes or so. By doing this, it might be possible that some unused memory will become free in Google Chrome. You can also try to find add-ons because Google Chrome has a wide range of extensions which can use to optimize the browsing experience on every computer. You can find different add-ons for fixing this problem in the browser.

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    Re: Google Chrome memory leak problem

    I would suggest you to turn off flash for sometime. There might be some flash animations that can be turned off on different websites. You can also find some add-ons for doing this, that you can find if you browse Google Chrome Extensions. You should also try to upgrade your computer. If nothing is working for you then it will be best to invest in a new physical memory or RAM. Or there could be also some RAM related issues that you need to test.

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