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Thread: Opera 25 bookmarks disappeared

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    Opera 25 bookmarks disappeared

    Hi am new to the forums. I found my way here when I was trying to find a way to resolve what happened. there is another board here that was made a few years ago for a different version of Opera

    I have Opera 25 and they made changes to the stash/bookmark thing they have going:
    blogs.opera . com/desktop/2014/08/opera-developer-25-update-first-glance-bookmarks/

    I was fine up until now (November 14, 2014; 6 PM pst). this morning I had all my bookmarks. I turned off my laptop. I came back this afternoon and didnt realize they were all gone until the last hour. I have no idea what happened. I just want to get my bookmarks back.

    11/12/2014 - avast update
    Malware bytes have logs for the 13th and 14th, but I doubt that program has anything to do w/this

    C: > users > app data > roaming > opera
    shows that a lot of modifications happened today

    I tried using the restore point for 11/11/2014 from bookmarks .bak but it did not do anything

    Should I try downloading one of these programs:

    I don't know what to do :/ I am bummed and angry right now. Please help!

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    Re: Opera 25 bookmarks disappeared

    I found the below information on the official website of Opera to get the bookmarks back into the browser:

    If your bookmarks are suddenly gone when starting Opera, it may be because the wrong bookmark file is open. To choose another bookmark file, go to Bookmarks > Manage bookmarks, and in the toolbar in the Bookmarks tab, go to File > Open. In the dialog box you can choose another bookmark file. The file is usually called opera6.adr, and is contained in your Opera profile directory. To find out where your profile is, go to Help > About Opera and look in the "Paths" section where it says "Opera directory".

    If choosing the bookmark file doesn't help, you can try getting the bookmarks back by importing them. Open File > Import and export > Import Opera bookmarks and browse your way to your Opera profile directory. Select the file opera6.adr and click "Open".

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    Re: Opera 25 bookmarks disappeared

    thanks, but nothing worked.

    I get an error saying I dont have the program to open the file, so I can't even reach the "Manage Bookmark" part. I tried by searching for "opera6.adr" but I get "no items match your request", so I guess it's under a different name?

    I also cant find an option to import my files when I right click. I think I tried doing that before posting here. /=

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    Re: Opera 25 bookmarks disappeared

    Mod, add to previous post:

    When I right click on the bookmarks and bookmarks.bak files, I get an option to restore previous versions and the closest date is 11/11/2014 but when I did that it didnt work. I think I said that in my first post. I closed all the tabs and the browser and opened a new window but the bookmarks did not appear. I restarted my computer and they still did not appear,

    so I looked at other results I got on google and one lead me to this forum where someone had the same problem a few years ago w/a different version. they were told to download the restore programs i listed, but i want to see if i can do anything else w/out downloading a program.

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    Re: Opera 25 bookmarks disappeared

    The best way might be to import the file from an old backup. Incase you are not having any backup then you can try to extract the old bookmarks.adr file from the System Volume Information directory. If the System Restore is not disabled in your computer then bookmarks.adr file will be saved in there. But note that for extracting the fil you will need to get access to he directory and then you can find the file based on its content as the filename might be different.

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