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Thread: Facebook video takes long time to upload files

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    Facebook video takes long time to upload files

    There is a bit issue with video upload on Facebook. It is not working well. I need some help here to make this thing faster. Just today I am trying to upload a 13MB file on the same and it takes around an hour for the same. Image upload very fast, but when it comes to video it takes long time. I also try to upload videos from my phone directly but that also consume time. I am quiet not able to figure out what is the issue with the same. How can I boost up the video upload speed with the same. Is there any software available that can do this at a faster rate. I am quiet stuck with the problem here.

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    Re: Facebook video takes long time to upload files

    You have to first check your upload speed for the same. That will put highlight on the problem you are facing. You can do that by using site like speedtest. IF your upload speed is fine then you have to check the size of the video. As you said it is 13MB and if you are on a broadband internet connection then this might take some time to upload. You can leave that aside. But if it is slow then you can try testing the uploads on YouTube. If that is also taking the same time then the issue is with your internet connection it is not with the website. You have to try uploading it some other time.

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    Re: Facebook video takes long time to upload files

    Yes there can be some issue with the upload speed. Or you can try compressing the video through some third party video convertor. I am using that on my pc and it helps me a lot to compress the video which shares a lot more faster. You can use Total Video Convertor for that. It has a portable video format that will allow you to fast upload. When you upload videos directly form your mobile phone then they are mostly in hd format. That is why the upload does not work fast. It takes time. It is good enough to have around 4 to 8MB size of the video that can boost your upload time.

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    Re: Facebook video takes long time to upload files

    See fb follow some content check and optimization process during upload any videos and images, its going to reduces the video size and take some pixel values and improve the image quality and image quality.

    So, if you upload any big sized videos its take long time processing in optimization process.

    so try to use the high speed internet and small size videos, with different video anmd images formats.
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