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Thread: How to open a text link just by clicking it

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    How to open a text link just by clicking it

    Does Firefox has a feature through which I can open text links instantly from Google search page or from any other site. Many time when you search you get the text below below the title. That is not clickable. And the above title in blue heading is clickable. I want to know that how to make those click clickable. I have to copy them and then paste them in the address bar to open it. There must be some way to open the fast through one click. That is the only way to open the same quiet faster. Because you do not really remember how much link you had checked. Copy pasting is quiet annoying here because my first click has some issue.

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    Re: How to open a text link just by clicking it

    You can use the right click for that. For the link just select it with your mouse. Hold the first mouse click and select the entire url. And then you have to right click and choose open in new tab. That's it. The link will open up and you can visit the site. That is the fastest way to open them. I do this always in Firefox to open new links and it works really well. There is no issue with the usage. I do not think there is any way to directly click on the link and make it clickable. This are text links. If a hyperlink is disabled on a web page then also you cannot open that without right clicking the same.

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    Re: How to open a text link just by clicking it

    There is one smart addon for Firefox that works in the same way. It is called as Text Link. You can download this and add in the Firefox. It will make your text url to clickable one and you can open that by double clicking on the same. It works quiet well with different type of text and links on the page. It is also quiet accurate in identifying the links on the page. When you double click the url you get a few more additional options that you can use to open multiple url if you want. It is quiet helpful in the browser. There are many similar browsers like this that you can taste out and it will work quiet well.

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