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Thread: Anyone using Firefox Sync for bookmarks

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    Anyone using Firefox Sync for bookmarks

    Does Firefox Sync is a good solution for bookmarks and passwords in the browser. I just signed up a new account on the same. This simply allow me to save the email and password on the same. But I do not find this too effective. I save a lot of password in Firefox and I do not allow anyone to use my pc. If I remove the Firefox Sync from the browser then still the bookmarks and passwords looks to be saved in the same. I need a simple way to keep all my browser thing in one place. Something like a cloud backup and this mostly consist of bookmarks and passwords. For bookmarks I can find a number of addons but I want something that is composite.

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    Re: Anyone using Firefox Sync for bookmarks

    Firefox Sync is helpful when you need your browser details to be synced on different pc. It is quiet safe to use I think, but it offer limited features only. Once you add the account in any other browser on different pc it will sync but it will not remove those thing once you remove your account. It remain in the same. You have to reset the browser settings for that that you can do quiet easily. I think you must go with third party addons. There are ample of them that can help you cross browser sync to keep your bookmarks and password all at one place. But use it safely. Because password are important thing and if they leak you can loose a lot of data.

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    Re: Anyone using Firefox Sync for bookmarks

    For that reason I am using LastPass. It is the best password manager and it is also quiet secure. It is very easy to use with simple options in it. The benefit of using is that you will also get a bookmark manager in that. It is called as Xmark. You can access both the addons with the same account. Create a account in Lastpass and save your all password in it. It is very easy to use. One done you just have to add the addon in different browser and done. By adding your account you can sync your password and bookmarks everything. Your all passwords and bookmarks will be manage by a single password and email id.

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