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Thread: How to stop Firefox from consuming high ram

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    How to stop Firefox from consuming high ram

    Is there a option available through which I can stop Firefox from using high ram. I had seen this browser usually eats around 600MB of ram when I am using the same. It is not so easy to make it normal. The entire pc slow down. I am only having a 1GB ram in my pc. I had created a folders of bookmarks and I open around 5 to 6 sites at the same time. First this was instant. But now this is getting slower. The browser takes long time to respond. It does not open up sites fast. A number of time it crashes. Even after updating to the new version the browser still eats up high ram. I found the same issue in Chrome also.

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    Re: How to stop Firefox from consuming high ram

    The browser is eating up this much amount of ram because you are opening up too many pages at the same time. It is good to start with one at a time. That will be a lot more helpful option for you. You can try opening a single page at a single time and this will he very easier for you to work. Eating high memory is an kind of common issue with Google Chrome and Firefox. Especially when you are having a streaming video in any of your tab. Just limit your browser usage and then test out the output. You will get proper speed and the performance will also remain fast.

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    Re: How to stop Firefox from consuming high ram

    It is good if you can add more ram. In future you will anyhow need the same. RAM chips are cheaper in the market today. You can upgrade your system with a single 2GB ram and use that. It will offer you a lot more faster output compare to what you are getting right now. Once you add the same your system output will be lot more improved. It will be easier for you to work and get appropriate solution. You can try re-instating the browser also. For that you must first backup your bookmarks so that you wont loose anything after re-installation.

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