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Thread: Any good and stable plugin to manage download speed in Firefox

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    Any good and stable plugin to manage download speed in Firefox

    I want some help to find a simple plugin that can help me to manually modify the download and upload speed in Firefox. If it is available for chrome then also it is fine. I want something that can work with minimum things. Like if you install a program it remains visible in the computer. And if I use a plugin kind of thing then it does not remains visible. It is something that is hidden. I need a very effective download manager. But it looks that there is nothing like this for the browser. What I can find is all standalone programs that require setup. I am using Windows 8 here.

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    Re: Any good and stable plugin to manage download speed in Firefox

    I am not sure about Firefox, but for Chrome you can find ample of handy tools. I am using internet Download Manager plus. This is a free software that an help you to download a lot of things from the web. It is triggered when you start downloading. You get a few good controls to manage your downloads. And it has a simple to use feature. To use this you have to remove any third party download manager from the pc. You just have to check. It has a download and upload speed limit features. You can do that manually and adjust the download as per your need. If you are not satisfied with the output you can try using something other.

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    Re: Any good and stable plugin to manage download speed in Firefox

    There is thing better like Internet Download Manager. I am using this from quiet long time and it really works well. There is no issue with the output. You can try to hide the system tray icon if you want. There are applications available on the web which can help you to remove icons from the windows so that it remains hidden all the time. If you do not want to this then there is one more option you can try out. You can try using a portable download manager. One that you can run through your pen drive. This portable download manager brings you all settings that comes in the full version. You can use that to download files directly by adding a url in that.

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