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Thread: Chrome close always while trying to close popup box

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    Chrome close always while trying to close popup box

    Whenever I try to exit a popup box Google Chrome close always. I do not know why. I open around 6 to 8 tabs at a time while surfing on the web. And while visiting a few sites, there are lots of popup box. When I close one the entire browser is gone. I lost my history also. This is happening on my pc frequently and I am yet not able to figure out the reason behind this. I had tried looking around for some solution, but this is hardly discussed anywhere. Does anyone know to stop this behavior. I search a lot of ebooks that took me to different download site. And some of them are just filling the screen with popup ads.

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    Re: Chrome close always while trying to close popup box

    You can turn on Popup Blocker in Chrome. This will automatically stop all the popups. But sometime this also affect the downloads. You can keep that on manual mode. Whenever you have a popup Chrome will ask you whether to enable it or not. You can try using many third party addons for the same that will allow you to block various popups. There is one provided by Norton. It is called as Pop Up Blocker Program. You can find this on the top while searching on the Google app store. Just try this out. It will allow you to protect your site from various unwanted popups.

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    Re: Chrome close always while trying to close popup box

    If you use a third party addon then the entire popups on your screen will be blocked. And that will surely affect other things. Like if you are trying to download a attachment it will get blocked. If you are having any update popup that will also get blocked. So it is best to stick with the default settings of Google Chrome. You can find popup blocker option in the settings panel. Go on that and keep that in the download mode. Whenever there is a popup you can see a bar on the top side and you can allow the same manually. Compare to the above one you can try using JavaScript Popup Blocker. This one will block a lot of tiny popups that appear in the browser.

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