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Thread: unable to remove youtube videos on Watch History

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    unable to remove youtube videos on Watch History

    I have a youtube account and it is not able to delete or edit videos individually from the Viewing History. I am also not able to select and remove Youtube videos on Watch History. I want to know why only some of the videos are entering my Watch History while most of the others are not. Previously all of my viewing history used to enter into my History but now there are only few or nothing. How soon this is going to be fixed by google? Thanks

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    Re: unable to remove youtube videos on Watch History

    There is a fix for this problem but only on Google Chrome browser. So, if anyone wants to know the same then in Chrome you neen to right click on the checkbox and then select Inspect Element. After that from the div class for each checkbox just try to delete the "yt-lockup" part of the class. Doing all this things correctly will let the checkbox finally to be free. As for now I dont know fixes for other internet browsers, but you are welcome to use this fix on Google Chrome.

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    Re: unable to remove youtube videos on Watch History

    Yes, the above solution is really quite easy in Google Chrome. You just have to right click on each check box and then select Inspect element and then press the delete key to remove the element and just leave the checkbox thereafter. I did this for atleast 15 videos so far. But then I went back and checked the now blank boxes and then clicked remove at the top. But in Firefox the only difference was that the delete key on the keyboard was not working and I had to right click on the now highlighted "yt-lockup" in the inspection panel and choose to delete from the pop-up menu.

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    Re: unable to remove youtube videos on Watch History

    Incase you try to open developer tools in Firefox by pressing the Ctrl+shift+k, in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J or in Internet Explorer by pressing F12 and type the below thing then it will try to restore the ability to check the check boxes:
    checkboxes = document.querySelectorAll(".yt-uix-form-input-checkbox-container input");
    for (i = 0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) { checkboxes[i].style.zIndex = 100 }

    The main issue is that the check box is covered by another HTML element but by increasing the xIndex which element is in front of or behind other elements then it puts the checkbox back on top making it clickable.

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