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Thread: Whatsapp is draining smartphone battery

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    Whatsapp is draining smartphone battery

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone and I am finding that this Whatsapp application is continuously draining the battery life of my smartphone. After installing Whatsapp in my phone, I turned on the Wifi option and started receiving messages in text, audio, video, etc from many of my friends. Soon, withing 3 hours, the battery of my smartphone completely drained. Can anyone tell me how do I use this application without it draining my battery to great extent? Thanks

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    Re: Whatsapp is draining smartphone battery

    Well, the Whatsapp application uses audio streaming APIs. So it will continuously keep your phoe busy trying to connect and download small bits of data whether in kbs or mbs all the time. This process also happens even if your phone is sleeping. When you turn on Wifi of your smartphone then it will keep the phone awake and thus it will drain battery quickly. This behaviour of the app will not change unless the developer of this application uses normal push notification like Viber or some other app.

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    Re: Whatsapp is draining smartphone battery

    Even I started facing similar problems last 2 days ago when my Whatsapp was updated and my phone was not going in deep sleep as well. I didnt want to delete this app because there were too many personal text messages that I wanted to keep safe. After alot of search I finally found some temporary solution. I went into Settings and then to Accounts and tap on Whatspp. After that, I simply turned off contacts synchronization which was actually causing the wake-locks. Now I just check it once in while because sometimes it turns on automatically.

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    Re: Whatsapp is draining smartphone battery

    When you open Whatsapp, then after closing it, have you made sure to close it from the background rather than just minimizing it? You can try to d that by holding down the home button or some other button depending on your android device for a few seconds and you will get what all application is running in the background. Simply swipe it to right or left and it will then close properly. By doing this, it doesnt mean you will stop getting notifications, you will still get it the same way, but will have to follow the whole process again to shut it down properly.

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