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Thread: Firefox user profile gone bad

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    Firefox user profile gone bad

    I have recently installed Windows 8.1 on my computer. Everything was working fine with the 2 user profiles both using Firefox as the default browser. But just recently when I wake up my pc from sleep mode then in the second user profile the firefox opened with an empty screen. There was no menu or bookmarks bars and also no response when I tried to left click the menu button. So, if anyone can tell me how do I get this back, it would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Firefox user profile gone bad

    At the time you have made that second user and had installed a new Firefox into it then have you tried to make any changes to that Firefox profile before you wanted to test with it. Incase you have tested with it while you still had some problems, I am starting to think about that user rights whether it is in admin type or not. There could be also some problems with the Antivirus or Firewall installed in your pc with that specific user. For that second user can you try to start Firefox with Admin rights?

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    Re: Firefox user profile gone bad

    Did you try to review your Windows updates, there might be something updated which you dont know much about. Are you also trying to log into that second Windows account or are you just running that Firefox account while being logged in as Admin. If the prefs.js file is corrupt or damaged to the exent that it is no longer writable, it can prevent preference changes from being saved. In such cases you will need to replace the corrupt or damaged file. For more information refer to this article -

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    Re: Firefox user profile gone bad

    Have you been trying to set up the other user for a reason? Incase that is also an Admin account then it should not be for guests. But in any case, I was just thinking that you can still have more than one Firefox profile set up for that other user and you can even secure those profiles with master password. I hope that someone around here uses more than one user account and have better answer for your issue. Try to catch up on this article that may help you -

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