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Thread: Site got hacked how to fix it

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    Site got hacked how to fix it

    My site is hacked. How to fix the same. I had tired to fix that but it shows me a malware warning. I have a good site, I kept that for project work. I share a lot of comics also. But somehow it is hacked and now I cannot restore it. I had tired contacting the isp who said to delete the content and build a new one. The guy who hacked is asking for $100 fixing the same. I cannot pay him this much amount. I have a ftp backup of the same. But does restoring the same is enough. I am using WordPress.

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    Re: Site got hacked how to fix it

    Yes first delete all the content of your site. Delete everything. Do this only if you have the full backup. And then through ftp restore each and everything. I am quiet sure that is enough to fix the issue. Next time you have to use some good plugins to keep your site secure. There are ample of them. This plugins will not only protect your site for hacks, but they will also provide you regular backup. Always backup your site whenever needed. Do not just stick with old data. It happens commonly.

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    Re: Site got hacked how to fix it

    You must do this fast. Because once your site is out of search results you will lost everything. Hacking is a common stuff which is done when your site is not up to the mark. There are so many plugins available for WordPress which you can use to protect it. There are two plugins you have to add. One you need a good backup plugin. Go for a good one even if you have to pay for the same and second you have to add a auto backup plugin. That also you can find for free. This two will keep your site safe.

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