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Thread: Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

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    Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

    I am using a service from Godaddy. I have a basic server that I had bought to start a tiny site. Now here I want some help to install WordPress. I am doing the same for the first time and I had seen empty file manager. I am not able to figure out why this thing is not showing up any files in the same. I had clicked on the WordPress to install the same. I had added my user id and password also. But there is nothing in the same. When I open my site I can see Godaddy page on the same.

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    Re: Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

    You have to contact Godaddy for the same and I am quiet sure that will help to fix the same. They are having the best customer care. You just have to call them and ask about the issue. I am quiet sure there is some issue with the installation due to which you are unable to see the WordPress setup on the page. You can try removing all the same and then adding it back again. That twill be more than enough to resolve the issue. There are manual ways available through which you can add WordPress on the same.

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    Re: Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

    Go with manual way of installation. You can try using a ftp server for the same. It is another easier way. What you have to do is first go in phpmy admin and simply create a new database. And then use the ftp to to transfer wp files on the server. Just extract the content of WordPress in a folder and then use the ftp to move the files on cpanel. Then run the installation and add your database details. It will start working. You can edit and upload your files direclty through the ftp. That is the most easiest way.

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    Re: Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

    Using ftp is really simple. You can create and configure a new account for your public_html page. That is the root directly and all your files stay on that. One thing I want to recommend you that when you are editing your file use notepad++. This is the best editor and if there is any error in your code it will give you the same in red mark. You can later on fix it. Sometime there are issue with server where you are unable to automate WordPress installation. It is good to go with the manual process then.

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    Re: Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

    I use the ftp way only. Because that is more simpler. But I do not just upload my files on the server directly. I had created a test server. I install all files, and test all plugins there. Then I move that to my actual site. In this way if there is any error or problem then it is a bit easier for me to deal with the problem. I can find out before and then fix that thing. It allow me to test a lot of thing. If you are trying to start a new site, create a virtual environment first. That will more help in dealing with the issue.

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    Re: Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

    I am using hostgator and it has a WordPress installation service. It is done online and it works well. When you click on the WordPress app it ask you for the login details. This consist of username of your SQL database and then you have to create a primary admin id. Once done you can simply configure the site and use it. It works really fine. You can contact your hosting provide to fix the problem. They will give you solution for the same. Ask them to install WordPress on the server.

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