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Thread: Security issues with a custom WordPress theme

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    Security issues with a custom WordPress theme

    I want to know security issues associated with an custom WordPress theme. My friend is using vbulletin. This one is a good one, but it is not having a nice layout. It has a dull interface and I want to make my site for news. My friend has installed a custom theme on vbulletin and after 2 months his site got backed. We had tried a lot to restore that but it was not working. There was a constant malware warning on the same. I want some help here to simply find the issues which are associated with custom theme. I do note want to get my site hacked.

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    Re: Security issues with a custom WordPress theme

    This kind of thing occur when you are not having regular updates. For example if you use the default theme which is twenty twelve then there are less chances of getting it hacked. Because WordPress officially provides regular updates for the same. You must buy a theme that has a good tech support. I had seen ample of premium themes online that provide tech support and also get updates. In this way the site remains secure form different kind of attacks. Just go for a good paid premium theme and it will work well.

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    Re: Security issues with a custom WordPress theme

    There are so many good plugins you can use to protect your site. When you are using custom themes then you must also use a good plugin to keep your site safe from hacking stuff. There are ample of good plugins you can try out. It is not at all hard to find a good one. And along with this also add a auto backup plugin. This software works a lot more better in restoring the website if there is any problem. Sometime it happens when you lost the actual site you have no restoration choice. You can use the auto backup to restore your old site back.

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    Re: Security issues with a custom WordPress theme

    You can try using iThemes Security with custom themes. I am quiet sure this will be more than enough to deal with the issue. This tool is updated and provide you ample of benefits. This tool has so m any advance options through which you can keep your site secure and protected from so many different vulnerabilities. Just test this tool. The tool is available for free use and it is good enough to block any kind of automated attack done on your site. Keeping a backup with you will help you the most in dealing with this attack.

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    Re: Security issues with a custom WordPress theme

    iThemes Security is a good tool. I am using this from last few weeks. I was facing a bit performance issue due to constant fake visit on my site. I was not able to identify the users but only one page of my site was constantly opened up. I added this plugin and it is stopped. It is essential to check out all the features of this plugin and use the same. I am quiet sure this will help you in dealing with the problem. The tool will increase your site security by blocking various amount of things. Just add this and checkout all the options in it.

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    Re: Security issues with a custom WordPress theme

    The most popular plugin which was used before Better WP Security and now it is called as iThemes Security. I had seen many plugins like Hardening WordPress, Bulletproof Security, etc. But I found iThemes Security a better one. Due to its ample of customization options you have many things to do in the same. You can enable ample of great feature to make your site maximum secure and safe. Just add this plugin and test out all its feature and I am quiet sure you will find it very helpful.

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