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Thread: Is it necessary for site to have a responsive design

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    Is it necessary for site to have a responsive design

    What is the importance of a responsive design. I want to know that is it really necessary for a site to have this kind of design. I had gone through some articles which says that it is important for you to have a site with responsive design so that people from different places can access the same and enjoy and smooth output. I had tried finding some responsive solution for a html site. But there is noting available. Some of my friends suggested I have to simply migrate that to WordPress and then it is going to work or else it will fail.

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    Re: Is it necessary for site to have a responsive design

    Responsive design means the site will adapt on the basis of display. Like if someone is opening up a site on a mobile phone then he is going to see the mobile version instead of desktop version. Because of small screen, the site adjust itself and give a clear output. Users are able to navigate properly without getting confusing about the site layout. It is a important part and you cannot ignore the same. If you have a good site which is popular then you must migrate to WordPress to get effective solution for the same.

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    Re: Is it necessary for site to have a responsive design

    In today's time this thing is necessary due to several factors. Before there was very less mobile phones and very few of them were having a full web support.But today you can see there are so many android tablets and smartphones. And people er using that to find information on the web. If they land on your site and it is not upto mark I am quiet sure your site reputation will not be as expected. It is good to have a responsive design because this one adjust as per your need. It will automatically take the size of tablet and smartphone and people can access that more easily.

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    Re: Is it necessary for site to have a responsive design

    If you have your site on WordPress then there is a quiet simple way to get nice responsive design. You can use ample of free themes and plugins from web and make a site much more effective then anything else. Things will be a lot more simpler and easier to manage. If you have any doubt about the site layout then you can do one thing. You can pay for a good theme. You can buy one and use that and I am quiet sure that will be a lot more easier for you to use. You can hire developer to make your site proper.

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