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Thread: Google Chrome eating too much memory on dell laptop

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    Google Chrome eating too much memory on dell laptop

    I am not able to figure out why chrome requires so much of ram. I had seen that in task manager and I found that it eats around 600mb of ram and even the cpu usage is high. It happens after I start chrome and open a few websites. The entire system starts freezing up. But when I exit chrome everything went back to normal. I want some help in resolving the issue. Whey this thing makes the system so slow. I am not sure whether this is a virus issue, because my antivirus does not point on anything.

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    Re: Google Chrome eating too much memory on dell laptop

    There can be some additional toolbar or plugin which is causing the problem. You have to check that properly. Google Chrome is nice browser and I am using this from long time. I think you had done too many customization in that. Or you might using some kind of plugin or toolbar which is causing high ram usage. Just disable everything. Or the best thing you can do is simply remove chrome and install it back again. This is going to clean the browser from memory and boost the output. Just try that first.

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    Re: Google Chrome eating too much memory on dell laptop

    You will have to find what process is triggering high ram usage. If you are opening too many tabs in chrome then this type of issue occur. This also occur in Firefox. At the same time if you are watching a video or downloading files in the background then you will keep on facing the problem. You must surf a few sites. Re-installing is a good option. Because this is going to disable all the plugins and addons. And your browser will start working back proper like before. Get the latest version and install that in your system.

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    Re: Google Chrome eating too much memory on dell laptop

    Download and install a process explorer in your system. This process explorer will help you in dealing with the problem. Through process explorer you can find what all programs are working in the system background. You can see in Task Manager also. There can be more than one chrome.exe running. And if you exit any one of them the entire browser will crash. If re-installation does not help you then the best thing to do is switch your browser. Use Firefox and test. If this also give the same issue then there is definitely malware in your pc.

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    Re: Google Chrome eating too much memory on dell laptop

    I had started getting the slow browser issue when a additional utility was installed. This put big ads banner on the left and right side of the page. It was so annoying. Just check if you have any of this adware in you system. You can remove them from control panel > uninstall program. This adware simply hijack your browser. And they eat up your system resources with bandwidth also. You must try to remove them and run a clean installation. I am quiet sure that will fix the problem.

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    Re: Google Chrome eating too much memory on dell laptop

    Switching your browser to a new one is a valid choice. You can get more output form Firefox if your existing one is not working well. For malware it is not easy to remove. Scan your pc in save mode first and then check back. I am quiet sure that will be enough to fix the issue. You can download and install a good antivirus in your system. You can find ample of them online. Update the same and scan your pc in safe mode. That will surely help in getting proper performance.

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