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Thread: Firefox 30.0 sluggish and freezes sometime

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    Firefox 30.0 sluggish and freezes sometime

    I have recently installed the latest Firefox 30.0 version in my pc. I am facing too many problems with this updated version of the browser. Until Firefox 29.0 version I was very happily enjoying the browser. But now this new version has been sluggish and it also freezes sometime. I do not even install add-ons in this browser, just use it plain and simple. If there is no solution for this issue then I have no choice but to revert back to old version of firefox. Any tips would be welcomed.

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    Re: Firefox 30.0 sluggish and freezes sometime

    Well, have you tried starting Firefox in safe mode? This is usually a testing procedure only and you must not use it for normal browsing. To run safe mode, check on the menu bar and click the Help menu. After that choose Restart with Add-ons disabled. Now, firefox will run with the Firefox Safe Mode dialog. Now you have to click continue in Safe Mode and then do not check any items. Now that Firefox can be also started in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key while single or double clicking on the icon.

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    Re: Firefox 30.0 sluggish and freezes sometime

    You might have a broken extension or one of the extension is not working well with another of the extensions installed in Firefox Add-ons. You can try to disable them and re-enable them one by one to find out which one is the troublesome. There could be possibilities that you have a very old broken extension installed. When you start safe mode then you are doing a diagnostic step, however, it is not meant to be a long term solution, it is just meant to give some clues about the issue.

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    Re: Firefox 30.0 sluggish and freezes sometime

    If the above solution doesnt work then start by making a new profile and see if the issue still occurs. The main point of the new profile is to run it without customization to check if it runs better. After you have done all of your customizations you dont really have a new profile, but you just had a duplicate of your old profile and thus you will still have the same issue. I am also guessing that one or more of your very old extensions is broken. Just try to find out which extension it is and your problem will be solved.

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