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Thread: Cannot upload photos to Flickr from Microsoft Photo Gallery

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    Cannot upload photos to Flickr from Microsoft Photo Gallery

    I am using Microsoft Photo Gallery. I got this when I installed Windows Live Essentials. It has a option through which you can upload the photo to the flickr directly. It is not working at all. I want some help on the same. I am getting a error of on the same. It is some kind of connectivity problem. Is there anyone who is having the same kind of problem. How to configure flickr more properly with Photo Gallery. I am stuck with the same. I keep all my photos on my flickr account which makes thing quiet easy to access on different devices.

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    Re: Cannot upload photos to Flickr from Microsoft Photo Gallery

    The issue is wit photo gallery. It is a bug. You have to wait back to get any update that can resolve the issue. There are ample of different photo sharing website you can use. I had tried to do this but when I failed I skipped using photo gallery. I have seen a similar thread on Microsoft site which says there is no solution for the same. It can be something related to account integration. You can use photo gallery as your default photo manager but use OneDrive instead of Flickr.

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    Re: Cannot upload photos to Flickr from Microsoft Photo Gallery

    That is the reason I am using Picasa from long time. It is one of the best photo editor and manager. The only issue with picasa is that it scan your entire pc for images and they are popped up on the screen. It must ignore the folders. And when you hook your gmail id with that your photo get shared on the web. You can access those things on your tablet or on your mobile phone. Things are much more simple in picasa compare to any other photo/video editor software.

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