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Thread: Can I tweak Firefox and increase its performance

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    Can I tweak Firefox and increase its performance

    There must be some way through which I can tweak Firefox and increase its performance. I a finding it very slow on usage. It is not working as expected. The entire browser freezes a lot when I open multiple tabs. I had tried re-installing that but it does not help much. It is only slow on my system. When I click on the icon it takes a long time to load. I am using a bookmarking and password manager addon on the same. That's it. This two must work well but the entire browser is slow. Want some suggestion on the same.

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    Re: Can I tweak Firefox and increase its performance

    You have to remove the addons if you want to use it faster. The more things you add the more slower your browser will be. There is nothing much you can do. I had installed a few themes in Mozilla and after that the browser was very slow. I do not know why they release so many addons if the browser cannot handle it. It is just a waste of time. Compare Firefox, Chrome is quiet better. It doe snot require restart after adding a addon. And it work well with different addons.

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    Re: Can I tweak Firefox and increase its performance

    I agree with the same. Mozilla do has some performance problem. It gets slow quiet easy when you are done with installation a few thing. Like I am also suing password manager. Once it is added it auto-fill the password on site. But it takes time for browser to start. Later on it also take time for the addon to fill the password. This must work instantly. I am using a page rank toolbar. It is also slow. I removed everything and now I am using Firefox in safe mode. And it works fine. It does not lag or freeze.

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    Re: Can I tweak Firefox and increase its performance

    If the browser is freezing on videos then this is a flash issue. You have to simply update that. Try to update Firefox version also. I am using this browser from long time and I do not really face any performance issue. I think it works really well. There is a way to increase the speed of browser by turning on pipelining. You can find that in about:config. Just go in that and turn on network.http.pipelining, network.http.proxy.pipelining and network.http.pipelining.maxrequests. You have to set true for the first two thing and figure 10 for the last one.

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    Re: Can I tweak Firefox and increase its performance

    One issue with Firefox is that it is consume too much ram. There must be some way to reduce it. I had seen when I open different tab the ram usage is higher. It keeps on increasing. And the system slow down. While in Chrome, the tab just crash. Chrome is having problem with multimedia files. Most of the time YouTube videos does not work. When I open multiple tab it crashes. I think this kind of browser are good for single window usage only. If you open too many then it simply slow down the entire system.

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    Re: Can I tweak Firefox and increase its performance

    If you want to use it effectively it is recommended that you must not use any addon on the same. Addons are the primary cause of slow down. Second when you remove Firefox try to remove the old settings also. Just remove everything. The un-installation window will ask you to keep old preferences. Do not keep them. And then install it back. And still if you are not happy then there is one browser that you can use. You can add OperaNext in your system. It is also one of the best to use.

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