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Thread: Embedding Photo gallery in HTML website

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    Embedding Photo gallery in HTML website

    How to embeds a photo gallery in HTML website. I have a old site. I had created a separate gallery page. On that I have to add upto 80 photos. I got a ready to use script through which I can add tiny thumbnails and when someone click on that the full size image opens. I do not want it that way. If someone clicks then a popup box must appear and show up the full size image. But this is not working. I just want some nice gallery type script that I can add on the existing site and it must not change the design.

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    Re: Embedding Photo gallery in HTML website

    For existing script I think you have to use onmouseover event. You have to add the code and when you move the mouse over the image it ges bigger. You have to manually add the code on every image to make it work. To test you can try creating a temporary script first. Then you can use that to view the image gallery. The complete code for the same is <img onmouseover="linkofimage" src="smallimage.gif" alt="sampleimage">. Once done just move the mouse over the same and done. Image will increase.

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    Re: Embedding Photo gallery in HTML website

    The good part of using HTML is that you get ample of free online galleries. You can download and add the same on your existing site and hook up your images on it. I am using Lightbox Gallery. A very simple gallery that comes in 3 column and row layout. When you click on the image instead of opening a new page, the image open inside the site. And you can view it. You can then click on cancel to turn it off. It is very simple and easy to use. You just have to embeds a few tiny codes in your page.

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    Re: Embedding Photo gallery in HTML website

    Lightbox Gallery is amazing. It not only shows up the image but you also see a live slideshow inside the same. The setup is bit tricky. So you have to configure it properly. Read the instructions properly before going ahead for the same. You can get a free copy from the official site. I am quiet sure you will like it. It takes the website background. That means you dont have to change the theme. It is very simple to use. Just test this. It is also very easy to edit. I do not think you can find anything simpler than this.

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    Re: Embedding Photo gallery in HTML website

    If you need something very light then go with CSS Image Gallery. I think it is the best one and it will provide you a decent output. But this is complete manual. That means you have to add each image information on the same in it manually. You have to create two folder. One will hold the thumbnail and other one will have the full size image link. When you click on the image it will open up in a new window. This is good because here you dont have to add any extra script which can mess with page design.

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    Re: Embedding Photo gallery in HTML website

    CSS Image Gallery is too basic to use. It is good for very outdated site. But if you want something very flashy then there are ample of great scripts available online to use. Wow slider is a good one. I had applied on some sites which were having quiet latest design. There are some free java sliders which also work in the same way. But adding them in is bit different. Try HTTPhotos. This one comes with different type of slideshow and animation. You can use the same to create impressive galleries.

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