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Thread: Name server issue with my website

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    Name server issue with my website

    There is some issue with my new site. I contacted on some forums they say it is due to the name server. I am new to this stuff and does not really understand how this is going to work. It is almost two days and the site is not up. I want a bit help here through which I can make my site live back again as soon as I can. But it is not working. I had added the name server details properly. There is no issue with the same. I need some help to fix the issue.

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    Re: Name server issue with my website

    You cannot do anything on the same. You have to contact your hosting provider. They can make the changes you want. Here when you register a site you just have to update the name server. And then the site starts working. It takes around 2 to 4 hours or sometime 48 hrs to get you a updated details. It is better to site back and check whether the site has finally started working or not. If not then contact the hosting provider and ask him to fix the dns issue.

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    Re: Name server issue with my website

    That is right. You cannot do anything from your end. You have to contact the hosting provider for that. Some hosting providers are having multiple name servers. You need to add that. If one is not working then try some other one. That will be more helpful in dealing with the issue. Most of the time the issue is at hosting providers end. You have to replace the name server and wait back. Once things are updated you will get the output.

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    Re: Name server issue with my website

    DNS problem is one of the most comm on issue when you are registering a website. It is recommended always to use a reputed domain provider. Like iPage or Godaddy. I had seen Godaddy hardly takes 2 hrs to finally update your site online. And if that is not working then they offer you a quick support. You have to contact the person from whom you had booked the domain. Ask him what is the issue. Why your site is not appearing online even after 2 days.

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    Re: Name server issue with my website

    I agree with that. You must always contact a reputed one. Because they give you a instant solution and you dont have problem with the same. It is essential that you must simply check first your domain is registered or not. You can find the information about that through whois lookup. Go in that and verify the domain details. Check whether it is properly registered on your name or not. If not then you can drop a mail to your domain registrar to resolve the problem.

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    Re: Name server issue with my website

    Some dns server does not comes with load balancing. Due to which you are getting issue. It is essential that you have to simply ensure that the dns server you are using has a proper load balancing stuff. The next thing you have to do is check the dns forwarder. See whether it is working fine or not. When a site is active you get a ping response for the same. But if not then you wont get any request. That means there is some serious issue with the dns.

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