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Thread: How to disallow flash on some websites

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    How to disallow flash on some websites

    I want to know that is there way through which I can block flash or any addon usage on a specific website. Like for example I do not want to use Lastpass login on Facebook. Whenever I login in that it ask me to save the password and I do not want it. Also on some site there are lots of flash based ads. So I want to block flash for it so that the page can load faster. Is there a addon for that. I want to do this differently on each site. I am not able to find anything inside settings.

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    Re: How to disallow flash on some websites

    The thing you are asking is called as website permission. You can possibly block a few things on your browser for a specific site. I can help you in Firefox. It has the most simplest way to manage website permission. All you have to do is simply right click on the web page and click on view page info. There you can see on the top side the third tab called as permission. Click on that and from below you can add a tick that you want to allow.

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    Re: How to disallow flash on some websites

    Wow, that was a great feature. I never saw that. My browser use to freeze when I try to visit a site that has a large flash banner in the center and a lots of text below that. I first tried to kill the adobe flash plugin process through Task Manager. But that kills flash for all website. Like in the next tab if I want to play youtube I can't. Through above suggestion I am able to disable thing of a particular site. Very helpful. Thanks.

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    Re: How to disallow flash on some websites

    The above thing is a manual way of doing this one by one in every site you open. But there is a option through which you can make this settings permanent for a site. Like for example storing the password. For a few banking site you can block to store the password. And it is possible in Firefox. Go in the address bar and there type about:permissions and hit enter. In that on the left choose the site and disable things that you don't want from the right.

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    Re: How to disallow flash on some websites

    Even Google Chrome has the same settings but that is lot more easier. In that once you apply the web permission it is confirmed and you don't have to apply it back again and again. For that when you open a address in chrome at the top side on address bar you can see a tiny lock icon. Just click on that and modify the website permission. That will do the job. I am quiet sure this will be helpful.

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    Re: How to disallow flash on some websites

    I also think Firefox is the easiest one. Because here all you have to do is right click and modify the permission for a site. But it is right that you have to do that manually again and again. All this kind of features must be included in the permission manager section. Where it will be more helpful to modify the same and then keep it save all the time. I am using Firefox and I am able to block a few content from the site. Like popups through that.

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