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Thread: Netbanking website fade out while downloading statement

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    Netbanking website fade out while downloading statement

    I am trying to download a yearly statement from HDFC yearly statement from the netbanking website. After login when I click to download a yearly statement the site fade out. I am using Internet Explorer here. The entire page is just white and it does not respond. I am stuck with this problem. I want a bit help here to fix the issue. I had tried this a number time but every time when I click on download I am getting the issue.

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    Re: Netbanking website fade out while downloading statement

    The issue is with the site I think. Sometime it happens the browser might crash when it is unable to generate the pdf file. You have to contact hdfc for that. Just tell the customer care department to send you a email statement and done. You will receive that in your email. That is the simplest way to resolve issue you are facing. You can then later on try back to check your statement. Sometime this can be a browser base issue also.

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    Re: Netbanking website fade out while downloading statement

    Yes it is a browser issue. You have to check the same first. You can try out different browser like Firefox or Opera. They are more stable. When you click on the download button a pdf file is generated while sometime you get a popup box on your screen which has the list of transaction and you have to print that. The browser is unable to handle that and it crashes. So try Firefox instead which is more stable than Internet Explorer.

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