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Thread: How to move OneDrive folder

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    How to move OneDrive folder

    I have recently downloaded the OneDrive PC software so that I can get all my images on all the device that I use. I usually store all the user files on external hard drive on my computer and another internal hard drive on my laptop. Now the problem is that I am not able to find any location tab in the OneDrive folder properties so that I can change the location of the Onedrive folder on my pc. Can anyone tell me how do I move the Onedrive folder to different location? Thanks

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    Re: How to move OneDrive folder

    At the first time installation of the OneDrive application, you get the option to select the location of your OneDrive folder. Either case you can still unlink your current OneDrive folder and select a new location. To do that right click on the OneDrive icon that is placed in the system tray and then click on Settings. Now click on Unlink OneDrive and it will sign you out from OneDrive. Now clear the sync relationship and sign in information from OneDrive app. Afterwards turn the OneDrive icon gray to let you know you are signed out and then start it again to get your first run experience.

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    Re: How to move OneDrive folder

    First of all exit the Onedrive app from system tray and then move the existing onedrive folder to any new desired path like for example E:\username\OneDrive. Now use Windows Exploer to search for the folder C:\users\your username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\settings\. Search for the .ini file with any given letters and numbers. This file is needed to be edited with any text editor. So open it in any text editor and then search for library, which will usually show the folder where your Onedrive data was synchronized. You have to change this to the proper new file location and ensure to save and close it once you are done. After that start OneDrive from your Start Menu and then the app will do a quick scan of the folder and everything will be at its place.

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    Re: How to move OneDrive folder

    There is an easy trick to move the OneDrive folder. You first need to shut it down and then move your onedrive folders to where you want to put them in any location. After that delete the folder which onedrive uses for its local repository and then in the folders parent, make a file called Onedrive with no extension. Now try to start onedrive and it will not recreate the skydrive folder but will take you through the reconfiguration wizard where you need to choose a new location. Hope this helps.

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