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Thread: Settings to block a site in Google Chrome

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    Settings to block a site in Google Chrome

    Does Google Chrome has any option through which I can block a website. I have a few site which constantly gives popup when I open them. They try to install something in the browser. I want to block this kind of site because they keeps on coming up in Google search results. And I do not really remember the last time visit. So if I can block them I can get a message on the screen and I can skip visiting those sites.

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    Re: Settings to block a site in Google Chrome

    Chrome has a option called as Supervised users. This can help you to block many website. You have to access this through your Google account and you can simply manage multiple domains through the same. I am sure this will be very effective and easy to use. There are many third party addons which work int he same manner They can help you to stop access to certain websites easily. Just test this Supervised users first.

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    Re: Settings to block a site in Google Chrome

    There are many addons. I can recommend you some which I had used before for blocking sites. Try Block site addon. This one is the simplest work. When you add this you get a context menu from where you can directly add the website under block list. You can also lock your settings through password. Once you are applied the lock no one can modify your settings without adding the password. The addon also has a time based filtering options.

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