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Thread: Cannot print bank statements through Google Chrome

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    Cannot print bank statements through Google Chrome

    I am unable to print my bank statements through Google Chrome. I generate them in a pdf file. When I click for print there are no popup on the screen and after a few seconds there is a error of unable to print. What should I do to fix the issue. I had tried checking out for the solution on different forums, but there is no answer. I use chrome because it works really fast and there are few addons which are used for printing web pages.

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    Re: Cannot print bank statements through Google Chrome

    What is the exact error you are getting. You can try one thing. Instead of directly printing from Google Chrome download those pdf file on your desktop. You can do that through your net banking. They give you option to download the file and then you can print it. This is much more easier option. In many browser this kind of issue appear because they are unable to generate improper page layout. But still buy downloading the same you can print it.

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    Re: Cannot print bank statements through Google Chrome

    I am using Firefox and this thing works really well here. I am able to take direct print from my emails and banking sites. When you generate the statement at the bottom there is a option as email or print. Click on email and mail it in your inbox. Then try to take the print. If still it fails to work then you have to simply switch your browser. I think using Firefox is a good option because it is quiet better than chrome.

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