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Thread: App to print photo-books from instagram

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    App to print photo-books from instagram

    Where to find a good application that can help me to print photobooks. I have many photos on facebook and instagram. A few of them are in picasa also. I want to bring them at one place and make nice photobooks out of it. It will make memories more better. Facebook has a app to make collage, but that is not effective. I will have to update everything one by one on facebook and then it will make it. There must be something through which I can bring the photos at one place.

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    Re: App to print photo-books from instagram

    If you need only for instagram then you can try using A site that will help you to make impressive photo books. You can manage different photos in this and make out a nice book out of it. They also print and deliver you the photos. There is no need to look for a color printer. I really liked the service. They give are also reasonable in terms of pricing. There are different type of books available in it. Like frames, posters, etc.

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    Re: App to print photo-books from instagram

    I am using pastbook. This is a web based photo book app that can help you to get all photos of your favorite social networking site on one place. You can import photos from instagram, Facebook, dropbox, flickr, etc. It almost support high number of different upload side. You just have to add your account details and done. It will create a nice pastbook which you can print. There is a app available for iPhone.

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