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Thread: Firefox freezes on taking print through dopdf

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    Firefox freezes on taking print through dopdf

    I had installed DoPDF in my pc. It is a virtual printer that help to printer pdf files. I am trying to take a few pdf copies of my emails. When I pres Ctrl + P the printer box appear. In that I choose dopdf and click on ok. The page shows up a progressing menu. But it does not produce the pdf files in the end. The entire browser freezes. I have to quit the process for Task Manager and then try it again. But each time this thing happen.

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    Re: Firefox freezes on taking print through dopdf

    Looks like issue with the virtual printer. You can try to check this in some other browser. Like Chrome or Opera. Just open the same and then run a print via dopdf. See that it opens up the pdf file or not. If it works then the issue is with the browser. You can try re-installing or checking for new update. There can be certain addons in the browser that are also causing the issue. Just re-install it once and test back.

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    Re: Firefox freezes on taking print through dopdf

    There is one addon you can try on your browser. It will help you to save the entire page as a pdf. Download and add Save as PDF on your browser. You will not need to use dopdf. It is more effective and works really fast. With one click you can save the entire page in a pdf format. I am using this for news website. I have to save the files for future references and it is also easy to mail other through a attachment. Just check the addon.

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    Re: Firefox freezes on taking print through dopdf

    Firefox also has as addon called as Print pages to Pdf. This addon will directly printer a page in pdf file format. You just have to install it and click on it. That's it. It is quiet fast and works well. There are many addons like this. Virtual printer might not work in some cases due to inability of browser to produce page for printing. But through a addon the work much more simple. With one click you can convert any page to pdf.

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