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Thread: Things to avoid on a new WordPress website

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    Things to avoid on a new WordPress website

    I am trying to start a new site and I will most probably go for Wordpress. I am in need of some help through which I can get a more effective site. WordPress is quiet easy to use and it is also popular. After making a website I want to know what things must be avoided. Like the one know is chaing the wp-admin url. This add more security. What more additional things I can do make my sitem more better.

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    Re: Things to avoid on a new WordPress website

    After installing WordPress I had seen people flood their site with tons of addons. Especially a SEO plugin. You must always avoid this. Use SEO plugin after a while when you have enough content on your site. Modify your post link and add post name in that. If links are complicated then it is hard for search engines to give you reasonable output. Add a xml site map later on. This will help more in getting your site listed.

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    Re: Things to avoid on a new WordPress website

    For boosting the performance always install WPCache. This always help your site to gain more better performance. Many times site performance is slow because it is not having some plugin that can optimize the site output. For image also use a good gallery and plugins. Always keep your site clean. Try to make the interface simple for people to understand. Add a author detail in every post that will help search engines to fetch content.

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