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Thread: Can't make online payment on Windows 8 pc

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    Can't make online payment on Windows 8 pc

    There are two pc at my office. One has Windows 7 and other one has Windows 8. I am buying a few things online. I am using the Windows 8 system. When click on make payment there is a message that says redirecting to bank site. But then the browser stuck on that. It does not move ahead. There is no message nor there is any website open. But when I do the same thing on Windows 7 pc I am able to make payment. What is the issue.

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    Re: Can't make online payment on Windows 8 pc

    Try to update your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer then switch to something else. Like Firefox or Chrome. It is very important that you take while using your online account. There can be issue if you clicked multiple time on the payment. Do not go with paying once again if the previous once is not confirmed. Update flash and other important thing in your browser which will help.

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    Re: Can't make online payment on Windows 8 pc

    I got this issue on a windows 7 x64 pc. I am using Firefox. When I open some banking sites I am getting a error. I am using Internet Explorer here. There is a error icon. It looks the browser is unable to load all stuff. Due to which you get the issue. But when I switched to Chrome it started working fine. The issue was also resolved after re-installing the browser back again. So probably this is some kind of browser issue.

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