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Thread: accessing other users OneDrive public folders

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    accessing other users OneDrive public folders

    Well, I am new to OneDrive and I am seeking for as much of information I can gather for this cloud sharing. Anyways, I have made a account and started putting my files on the OneDrive sharing but I want some information about how to put the files into a Public folder on OneDrive? Can anyone tell me a way on how to access and find the public folders of other users on Onedrive? Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: accessing other users OneDrive public folders

    You will need to have a OneDrive link of the user's Public folder and only after that you can access that folder. So, you will have to ask the owner to share link of the Publich folder and to do that first click the Get a link tab and then select the type of link that he wants, the permissions for the item are automatically updates when he creates a link and he will get 3 options, that is; View, Edit and Public. Tell the owner to choose Public link and then you will be able to access the item that he has shared.

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    Re: accessing other users OneDrive public folders

    There is no way to manaully search for the public OneDrive files, you will have to ask for the links of the necessary OneDrive public files from its owner. There are usually 2 options in OneDrive, one is Public Folders and the second is Shared Folders. The content of the Shared Folders are visible to specific people that the owner selects where else the Public Folders are visible to anyone. So, it depends of the owner of the Onedrive folder whether he wants to publicly share his content or to a specific group.

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    Re: accessing other users OneDrive public folders

    If you want to access one of your friends folders that are not currently marked as public then you will have to tell him to first go to OneDrive by signing with his microsot account. After that tell him to go to the file and folder which you want from him and then under Sharing find the entry listed to that file and change it to Everyone. This way you will gain access to his files or folders, so you can understand that it is the owners right for taking care of his files.

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